spray tan education


Hi babes, nice to virtually meet you! I am really excited that you are interested in sunless tan training also known as "spray tan training" and want to give you a bio about my background and answer a few questions I am sure you might have! 

Why did I get started in the spray tan industry?: To provide women and men a luxe sunless experience that gives customers a healthy alternative for sun tanning.  

Types of courses: We offer 1:1 and small group classes, our trainings are always very in-depth and extremely hands on. We make sure that our students leave feeling comfortable to start taking on customers right away, and we provide unlimited mentorship for life.

What type of certifications do you offer?: Crash courses, Expert Level Certificate & Master Level Certificate & Refresher Courses 

Course pricing: $650 + equipment fees (depending on desired package).

What do our courses entail?: We offer full in-depth training about sunless fundamentals, technique training that is exclusive to our trade secrets as well as sunless marketing, branding, social media, and how to scale your business. 


What is the most important lesson you hope your students learn during your course? The most important lesson I hope my students take from our course — apart from the technique — is to never give up. There is so much opportunity in the sunless space to really create a lucrative career for themselves, it is just about putting the time in! 


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