we want to re introduce ourselves

Emily Bloom established Bronzed by Bloom in December 2016 in light of a personal mission to help demonstrate safe tanning and change individuals perspective on how they achieve their beauty needs for tanned skin in a healthy and environmentally safe method. The ethos of the brand is to create a unique and modern space for the sunless industry by providing a tan ritual that is multi functional and holistic. After years of being in this sunless industry space Canadian entrepreneur Emily Bloom realized the essence for her brand needed to evolve becoming a more inclusive image for the industry, demonstrating that these solutions for safe tanning are and should be available for all genders and skin types. Bronzed by Bloom strives to bring self awareness to the dangers of sun tanning and exposing your skin unprotected to the sun, while starting conversations within the beauty industry that is over looked. 

our promise to you

Our brand's pillars are focused on sustainability, diversity, community and awareness. We are here to start new conversations about the sunless industry that bring awareness to the impacts of sun exposure and shed light on the benefits of sunless product and services. All ingredients used in our products and services are made from plant based sources, high quality grade A+ ingredients and are packaged sustainably. 

a new language 

Every skin has a language and its uniqueness should be honoured with a skin care line that endorse individuality. Helping achieve every unique perspective as to why they want a sunless tan. Every individuals unique story is our ethos into our product line that offers relatable, safe, holistic and environmentally friendly options for their sunless needs.