Why I had to take a Break of Social Media

Hi babes,

I want to start of by saying how much I MISS being in our studio and working with our beautiful clients and students in person. We have been lucky enough to have a sunless community that has allowed us to work online through this year using zoom as a tool. However nothing compares to face to face interaction and being able to create art on bodies with our sunless tanning.

I got into the sunless beauty space because I am passionate about what I do, I truly get so much joy out of blasting good music in our studio and banging out spray tan after spray tan. Watching our customers leave with happy faces because of their results bring a deep feeling of reward I will never be able to put into words. Getting a chance to get to know our customers on a deeper level that leaves us connected is an even bigger reward. So I really can’t express enough how much I miss you guys!

I feel like 2020, I was totally MIA off my BBB social account, our community is so used to me jumping on daily to talk about sunless, empowering our clients to make the right decision for their skin and go sunless. We always encourage people to practise safe tanning and even more we always share tips, ideas and information for anyone who is within the sunless beauty space to help them grow their brands. Making the decision to pull back off my social account was probably one of the harder decisions I had to make in my life. My biggest passion has been growing the Bronzed by Bloom brand, and behind the scenes a-lot of time goes into planning our weekly and daily content. We do it this way because we want our posts and stories to add value to our customers, to our students, and to our sunless community who have been supporting our brand by simply following and liking our stuff!

Bronzed by Bloom has always been my number 1 baby, it is the reason I had so many failed relationships prior to my fiancé because I immerse myself into my work and don’t know how to shut off, that was until I had my son. Having my son completely changed my perspective on life and what was important to my soul, I couldn’t be in two places at once and I had to make the decision of walking away from content building in order to take the appropriate time to bond with Aidan, get to know this little super star human and build a life with him.

Walking away from social media and engaging with my students online, clients and just being present was hard for me - because I love you guys! But Aidan became my number 1 and I think this will hit home for any working mom reading this. Walking away was terrifying! When you have built a brand for years to take a break is scary because you are so worried that when you come back everything you had built will be gone.

This is the reason I am writing this blog, apart from explaining my disappearing act. All working moms have this fear about what life will be back when they return, and let me bring you in on a little secret. I was completely shocked and taken back by the amount of support I received from my following, students and clients through the back end through DMS, txts, emails all telling me to enjoy my time with my son. I am not only coming back to a brand fully intact, if anything I feel I bonded with my community even more which inspired me to create even better services, products, classes, information to give back evennnnn more to the love I have been receiving. I want all my hard working mamas to know, it’s okay to take a step back from your careers, you will still have them when you resume back and it’s also okay to have those fears and concerns cause girl - you been working damn hard.

Juggling two brands, a 10 month old baby, a fiancé, a house, holy cow - I realized something. Women? THEIR SUPER HEROES! We are fucking super heroes! So do not ever forget that, don’t ever forget the immense strength, capability and determination you hold within yourself. With that being said, wanted to say HI BABES - I’M BACK - and not only are we going to be launching some really amazing brand building tools & hacks, we are also launching our new blog!

Welcome to the BBB community, looking forward to adding value within the sunless beauty space this year and for years to come! If want to see more content, make sure to share, follow us on Instagram and like our post!

Love Always; Emily Bloom