Why Get a Spray Tan

Why Get a Spray Tan

There is no right or wrong time to get a spray tan. Our regular clients will tell you they don’t need any reason to book a spray tan other than to stay gold year round. Most people stay away from sunless solitons in fear of the dreaded orange-hue (See Why Does Spray Tanning Turn You Orange). Ingredients in sunless solutions have come a long way since the 1950’s meaning the archival ways of spray tanning and orange hues are long gone. If you have never tired a spray tan, but have considered trying it, here are the most common reasons to get a spray tan.


We said it before and we’ll say it again, UV rays can put your health at risk for cancer. Sunless solutions are 100% UV-free, Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) reacts with the amino acids of the outermost layer of the skin. Cancer free luminous results is one of the top reasons people feel more inclined to try spray tanning.


Everyones vision of what they think looks best is different. Maybe you have fair skin and desire a light glow, or you have rich olive skin and would prefer extra dark. Spray tanning is fully customizable from the hue to the depth in colour. In no time, spray tan technicians are able to see your vision and customize the best match for your desired skin tone.

Vacations & Beach Season

Although chemicals such a chlorine can act as an exfoliant poetically wearing away at spray tans, vacations and beach season are the best time to get a spray tan. Avoid dangerous UV rays and relax at your final destination with already sun-kissed skin.

Even Out Tan Lines

We all know tan lines are easy to achieve sometimes without even noticing. Spray tans can help even out tan lines by coating the entire body in the same colour. The tan lines appear more blended and less harsh overall. Getting a spray tan as a base is another way to avoid dreaded tan lines.


No wedding is complete without everyone looking their best. Most bridal parties will opt for group spray tans prior to the wedding, this is a great way to quickly enhance everyones natural skin tone leaving everyone to not only look but feel their best!


There are countless of reasons to be photo ready. It could be time for annual family photos, maybe you have prom coming up, or you want to step up your selfie game. Certified spray tan technicians will customize the best match for your skin that will even tones and boost confidence. A flawless spray tan will keep you picture perfect.


First impressions can make anyone nervous. Often clients will choose to try a spray tan before a new date.  A spray tan can help clients feel their best by giving confidence in their overall appearance. Picking the right outfit is much easier when you feel great about yourself, which can help great first impressions.

School-Related Events: Prom & Graduation

Often people try spray tanning for the first time during grad season. Spray tans are best way to naturally enhance your skin tone, which in turn enhances the overall look. With plenty of photographers capturing this special moment, a sun-kissed glow compliments gowns and chic hairstyles tying is formal look together for the most memorable milestone. 

Skin Which Does Not Tan Naturally

Fair skin completions often struggle to achieve sun-kissed skin as their skin usually turns red and burns upon sun exposer. If you have fair skin, sunless tanning is the best option to achieve a naturally darker hue matched for your skin tone.


Body sculpting can help create the illusion of enhanced muscle definition. Athletes in sports such a Body Building, Dancing and Cheerleading will commonly try a spray tan session prior to big events to accentuate their hard work throughout the season. Body sculpting is not limited to athletes. Should you choose to try body sculpting, our master spray tans technicians are trained to contour the body for flawless toned results.


If you want healthier skin stop looking for more answers. Avoid the sun, stay hydrated and try spray tanning!