Quarantine Essentials


Feel like doing some online shopping? We've ranked out top 5 self care beauty essentials that you'll love. 

While we can't do our usual Friday night cocktails with the girls at the moment, there is absolutely no reason we need to cancel our self care routines! Lucky for all you beauty addicts out there (guilty), we can DIY an awesome beauty regime that will lift our spirits and give us that pick me up we are all looking for. While the DIY vibe might not be as relaxing as getting your services provided for you, they can still guarantee a mood boost which is what the doctor ordered! To help choose some quarantine essentials we put a list together that can help you with your isolation glow and skin care regime. 


Skin Ceuticals - Vitamin C

While facials at your favourite day spa aren't an option, it’s time to dial up your facial serums. Skin Ceuticals Vitamin C serum is the perfect skin splurge for isolation. It instantly brightens up your face, this cosmetic products is definitely one of my favourites and a MUST with my skin care routine. I can never leave my house without putting it on. throw some on and watch your skin glow from the inside out! 

I'm Extra - Self Made Tanning

Look what's arrived at Self Made Tanning just in time for summer! You can now shop both shades of their best selling self tan their online shop at www.selfmadetanning.com Give yourself a pick me up and apply a fresh coat of self tan at home. IfDark Self Tanning Mousse - Self Made Tanning you have never tried it before and think you already have your favourite tan, it might be time to change it up.  

Gel Couture - Essie

If your nails are suffering without your weekly salon visit then you need this at-home alternative. Essie’s Gel Couture range have the nicest shades to ensure your nails stay cute this summer. Use any Essie Gel Couture colour followed by their Flawless Gel Top Coat from the same range to achieve up to 14 days of gel like colour and shine, no lamp required. 


Rose Quartz Gua Sha - Skin Gym 

Give your skin a workout with the Rose Quartz Gua Sha Crystal Beauty Tool by Skin Gym. The facial tool is similar to a face roller with a modern take on an ancient beauty ritual. It will help contour your face and get the blood pumping. Which  is extremely ideal for skin rejuvenation and help tighten the skin! If you often wake up puffy this is a great tool to help work against that! 


Gimme Brow - Benefit Cosmetics 

While we’re not wearing too much makeup during quarantine, keeping our brows looking perfect is non negotiable. Let's just face it - with nice brows, cute nails and a dark tan - a girl can just take on the world. I use benefit cosmetics for all my brow needs and I especially adore the " Gimme Brow" Check them out and you can thank us later! 


You can see Bronzed by Bloom’s selection of products stocked at our local store here.