It’s every bride’s dream to have beautiful glowing skin on her wedding day. At BBB, we understand how much work goes into getting ready: perfect hair, nails, makeup, and let's not forget that gorgeous dress that fits just right.

One thing we don’t want you to stress about is getting a tan for your wedding. We have formulated techniques to help achieve that flawless however always subtle glow for that very special day. 

If turning orange is your worst nightmare, I would suggest if using any sunless tanning product (spray tan or self tanner)  to always stick a light shade. We never suggest brides to get dark tans for their wedding day, you will be in front of professional cameras and videographers and the lighting used will always make you appear shades darker. There is nothing stunning about a bride that is to dark - so our expertise advice warns you to stray away from dark tanning!

Our BRONZED by bloom solution is formulated with unique blends of anti-orange bronzer pigments for a perfect tan that enhances your skin tone. You can also book a trial tan, which we always suggest for our brides this way you can see the results and have an expectation for your big day. It also makes the job for your makeup artist so much easier if they know what tone your skin will the day of. 

For the most flawless ad even, natural-looking tan you’ll want to shave, wax and exfoliate 12-24 hours before your spray tan appointment. For more about information about how to easily prepare, check out our blog The Best Pre Game Steps for your Spray Tan.

We always recommend going to your appointment wearing dark and loose clothing. During your session, you can wear undergarments, or go naked to avoid tan lines—totally up to you!

With all of the planning and prepping you need to do before your big day, rest assured that BBB choice among sunless tanning products. With Bronzed by Bloom, you’ll walk down the aisle with a gorgeous natural-looking tan from head to toe.