Blue-Green Base

Blue-Green Base

With great risk, comes great reward. For many new spray tan artists, working with a blue-green spray tan solution might come across as exactly that – a risk. Fortunately, as you grow to become more advanced in your craft, working with this colour base won’t shock, nor scare you. In fact, it can yield pretty incredible results. With that said, it’s important to understand how blue-green solutions are offered and applied.

A blue-green base is essential to your kit of solutions and should always be in your bag. Why? Because it is one of the 2 different formulas that will create a neutral tone result – making it an extremely useful tool for any artist.

If I had a dollar for every time a client came into my salon and requested that famous ‘Kim Kardashian glow’, I’d probably be considering an early retirement. Kim’s trademark golden glow has, quite literally, become Hollywood’s best kept secret. Her spray tan always boasts a beautiful, sultry, deep, intense and ashy colour that makes for a perfect accessory to all of her looks. As a result, “Dark Ash” spray tan solutions are constantly sold within our market, and this is where your knowledge of colour blending (click here for more info) becomes absolutely essential. Dark ash solutions are promoted as the go-to, essential solution in an artist’s arsenal to counteract gold or red tones. Now, let’s relate this back to a little colour theory. Being that there is no gold on the colour wheel, we will convert gold to orange. This is where our colour wheel “math” comes in handy. For colours to counteract each other, they must be directly across each other on the colour wheel. In this example, blue neutralizes orange and green neutralizes red. So a dark ash is essentially a blue-green base.

This is where things can get tricky. While a blue-green base holds the key to the Kim K glow, it’s important to remember that ash is essentially grey. With this in mind, artists must be mindful of their client’s skin tone – if their skin is already ashy, applying an ashy base might wash them out. Once again, this brings us back to colour blending. Artists can add warmth to a solution in order to balance a skin tone (and avoid washing their client out), or cool down too much warmth. Having a grasp on colour theory and the confidence to tweak and modify popular solutions will take a technician from basic spray tan application to custom spray tan artistry.

Of course, it takes years of practice to understand and apply colour theory across a broad spectrum of clients hoping to achieve a perfect, signature glow. However, understanding what a blue-green base is and why it is essential to your spray tan kit will – without a doubt – put you one step closer to achieving those flawless results that clients can’t get enough of.

lucky enough if you are considering to train with Bronzed by Bloom colour theory is something we explain in great detail. Preparing our students for success with their future careers!

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