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Bronzed by Bloom Spray Tan Training and Certification


Exclusively available at Bronzed by Bloom is our availability of colour matching tanning solutions and methods. Every client individual skin tone matrix is matched perfectly. Bronzed by Bloom isn’t a copy paste tanning salon with only one spray tan solution mixture available. We have modified the techniques to formulate a colour matching process that guarantees our customers a natural dark tan.  We are Toronto’s first wholly vegan based spray tanning salon and beauty bar carrying only products that are vegan, organic and animal cruelty free. Bronzed by Bloom is the main Canadian distributor for luxury tanning solutions. Making us the first in Ontario to carry many top of the line solutions. Emily Bloom, founder of Bronzed by Bloom takes pride in only working with companies that strive to pioneer their formulas to create solutions that specify in matching skin tones. These advanced formulated solutions help our technicians in completing a natural, dark and flawless tan. With added hydrating and healing ingredients such as; Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol, Vitamin B12, C and D these solutions leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and glowing. Some of our solutions used have been voted #1 by major publications such as Vogue and Allure magazine for having the most natural tan, used by most celebrities, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, the Emmy’s, Good Morning America, E-Television and much more!



We promote living a well balanced healthy lifestyle while always being skin conscience and practising safe tanning. We encourage our clients and educate them on the dangers of UV tanning to help prevent our clients from damaging their skin.


If you are reading this it is most likely because you want to become apart of a growing fabulous industry. Our training is very extensive and thorough giving you one-on-one training with pioneers of the industry. A certificate from Bronzed by Bloom will guarantee you success in our industry teaching you all things needed to be ahead of the game. For more information email: [email protected]

How does it work?

Our Airbrush Training Academy located in Toronto provides you with the best training! Our certification courses are all-in-one comprehensive classes which can be completed in a single day. We ensure trainees are educated on everything needed to have a successful start in the sunless industry. Holding a STAYGOLD certification shows that you have been introduced and properly trained on the sunless industry. Teaching you how to colour blend & match while demonstrating our techniques that leave your clients skin looking flawless. We teach client satisfaction and the composition of product; so you can be confident you will stand out. What does the course cover? Our certification course is an “all-in-one” class, this meaning we will cover everything you need to know for you to get started out in the industry. Introduction to the sunless industry, spray tan solutions and storage, technical 101, regulations, post and pre care, expectations, contradictions , Diagnosing problem scenarios, Preparing for the perfect sunless session and you get to SPRAY A LIVE MODEL! And we brush up lightly on how to market.

Bronzed by Bloom is changing the Spray Tanning Game

by customizing and creating a colour matching and blending system that re creates natural and flawless looking tans matching every individual skin tone. Your Master Educator Emily Bloom has been trained and certified in Toronto, as well as in New York city by the celebrity airbrush artists for the A listers Brazil Bronze. She has received the highest level of education by different pioneers in the industry making her more than qualified. 

The Spray tanning industry has truly evolved and Bronzed by Bloom has stepped up it’s game by pioneering the “colour matching” system being the first of it’s kind to take this direction to ensure happy and satisfied clients. It’s so easy to just copy and paste the same solution on all your clients however you can’t assure proper tan development since the spray tan solution picks up on natural skin tones and enhances them. Example: putting a gold base (or green base for technician dialogue) on a person with very pale skin will only result to an orange looking finish. You need to counteract undertones with the proper blends to achieve that nice dark brown straight of the beach look. A lot of new (and old) clients are unaware of what a spray tan is and it’s process to the skin! Let us educate you a bit about it, so you can be self aware of whats happening. Spray tans are organically derived from an ingredient called DHA which comes from sugar beets! DHA also known as Dihydroxyacetone, this solution creates a biochemical reaction with the amino acids and protein found in your dead skin cell layer in the epidermis. This biochemical reaction is what makes you look tanned and flawless! Now having this knowledge it is important to understand that DHA does pick up on natural skin tones so the wrong base can make you look orange. We will be teaching you all of these techniques and more to prepare you with the highest level of education possible. 

“I want to provide an amazing service that allows clients from all ages, gender, ethnicity and race to get that summer glow all year round without causing skin damage or even worse skin cancer! Skin cancer is a real thing guys and there is 54 million new young adults diagnosed EVERY YEAR! We promote two things at Bronzed by Bloom: Stop animal cruelty and Practise safe tanning!” Emily Bloom


Are you already a Certified Spray Tan Artist? Want to brush up your expertise? Exclusively available at Bronzed by Bloom is our technique of colour matching tanning solutions and methods. Every client individual skin tone matrix is matched perfectly. Let us teach you about suggested tanning solutions, products and how to mix different blends to achieve flawless results for your customers! We have modified the techniques to formulate a colour matching process that guarantees our customers a natural dark tan without ever turning them orange. *** ONLINE TRAINING AVAILABLE VIA SKYPE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS !


Give yourself the opportunity to receive a one-on-one training certificate from Bronzed by Bloom. There is nothing like in-person training and having your certification posted in your salon will show your professionalism in the industry. 
Our full one-on-one training includes but not limited too: - Colour blending and understanding skin tones. - Spraytan Techniques and Positions. - Spray Tan Solution Storage and equipment including spray gun maintenance. - Setting up a spray tan room and selling your spray tan services. - Salon, client and staff technician safety, clean up and customer care. - Man Tans, Wedding tans, photography tans, videography tans and Q & A’s.


Are you a certified spray tan technician and want to gain the experience and knowledge to teach and train? Is it time for you to grow your own business? Become a Master of your field, and receive the highest education level in the industry allowing you to now start your very own training academy. Being your own boss can be very rewarding and growing that knowledge is the key to success. Training includes being educated by Bronzed by Bloom salon owner * Includes (Spray tan technician and colour blending course) * Learn about mobile spray tanning and how to run a salon. * Education on how to properly educate students and grow a successful spray tan academy.