Will a Spray Tan turn me orange?

Spray tans are super depended on the technician. A great formulated solution can turn into a nightmare if not applied properly. If the level of DHA in the mist is too much, your skin may become super-saturated and turn orange, on the other end, if the DHA is not enough; your skin will not tan. Another way your skin can turn orange if the proper colour base is not applied to your skin. When choosing a spray tan artist inquire if they do colour blending to ensure your given the correct solution for your skin type.

How long do Spray Tans typically last?

Typically, your spray tan will last around a week (5 to 10 days) but it will start to gradually fade before this time. This is because a spray tan is a bio chemical reaction happening with in the dead skin cell layer found in your epidermis. The skin will naturally continue to regenerate itself and old skin cells will be sloughed away to reveal paler skin beneath.

Can I get a Spray Tan every week?

We recommend every other week. We say every other week because, your tan will last longer than a week and we prefer you to be scrubbed clean before applying another tan. This just guarantees flawless results! However you are most definitely able to do a spray tan every week it will not be harmful for your skin in any way.

How can I make my Spray Tan last longer?

Contrary to popular belief, any kind of oil such as; coconut oil, baby oil, Olive Oil these help moisturize your skin without drying it out. Any kind of moisturizing lotion is recommended as well. Oil is always our first choice because water based lotions tend to dry the skin out.

How long do I have to wait to shower?

You wait 8-10 hours before showering post spraying. You will become darker and darker throughout the process. This is totally normal and will wash off in the shower, leaving your flawless airbrush finish. Don’t forget to pat dry and NO exfoliating.

How long after my Spray Tan must I wait before working out?

At least 8-12 hours, we suggest washing off the cosmetic bronzer prior to doing any type of sweating.

How quickly can I get dressed after a Spray Tanning session?

Once you’ve “fan” dried for approx. 5 minutes, there’s little chance of any bronzer or DHA getting on your clothes. If you perspire soon after your spray tanning session, some of the bronzer may transfer to your clothing. Since the bronzer is completely water-soluble, it will wash out.

Do Spray Tanning Solutions have any smell after contact with my skin?

Some people notice a slight starchy smell on their skin a few hours after a tanning session. This is simply the DHA reacting to proteins in your skin and it fades away fairly quickly.

Will swimming affect my Spray Tan?

Swimming in chlorinated water or salt water can fade the effects of your Spray Tan results, cause possible streaking and will diminish the length of your tan. However, normal activities such as bathing, showering or physical activities will not affect the quality of the tan.

Spray tanning vs. Spray Booths?


Whatever your body size or height, a spray booth will spray you with the exact same motion and amount of spray.

Spray Tanning:

The amount of spray can be adjusted and tailored to your body type and for your needs, creating a more flawless and customized result.

  • Spray Tanning is much more accurate than booth sprays
  • Spray Tanning can be done in the comfort of your home
  • What booth does in 30-60 seconds, Spray tanning is between 10-15 minutes.
  • Precision application of the solution evenly across your body ensuring the best results.
  • Spray Tanning is also cleaner than booth sprays.
  • Spray Tanning tends to last longer.
  • Barrier creams are not necessary
  • No head caps or booties are needed

What should I wear to my Spray Tan Session?

Most people wear nothing. However, if you’d be more comfortable wearing a bathing suit or underwear, be aware that the tanning solution may stain it but is water-soluble and should wash out. (we recommend wearing at least bottoms such as a thong, and men must wear either underwear or boxers)


  • Shower at least 4 hours prior to your appointment
  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Remove your makeup
  • Do not put any creams or oils onto your skin prior to your appointment
  • Wear dark and loose clothing


  • DO NOT get your skin wet for at least 6-8 hours after your tan.
  • Avoid waxing after your tan.
  • Do not exfoliate until before your next tan.
  • Keep your skin hydrated from inside and out to pro long your tan.
  • DO NOT USE DOVE or any other harsh body wash for it strips the tan Avoid over excessive use of pools with chlorine.

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