How Bronzed by Bloom is changing the Tanning game and bringing it to an all New level.

How Bronzed by Bloom is changing the Tanning game and bringing it to an all New level.




Follow the leaders in the Spray Tan game and you will guarantee your results.


Bronzed by Bloom is changing the spray tanning game by customizing and creating a colour matching and blending system that recreates natural and flawless looking tans matching every individual skin tone. 

“It’s been a long process that has costed us a lot of money, but we finally have figured out ways to colour blend and match individual skin tones providing a real natural and flawless finish and our customers could not be happier with the results!”

 – Emily Bloom.
Owner & founder.

The Spray tanning industry has truly evolved and here at Bronzed by Bloom we are stepping up our game by pioneering the “colour matching” system. We are the first of our kind to take this direction and initiative to ensure happy and satisfied clients. It’s so easy to just copy and paste the same solution on all your clients however you can’t assure proper tan development and guarantee results since the spray tan solution picks up on natural skin tones and enhances them. Example: putting a gold base (or green base for technician dialogue) on a person with very pale skin will only result to an orange look and finish. You need to counteract undertones with the proper blends to achieve that nice dark brown, straight of the beach look we are all looking for. A lot of new (and old) clients are unaware of what a spray tan is and it’s process to the skin! Let us educate you a bit about it, so you can be self-aware of whats happening when you’re getting your gold on.

Spray Tans are organically derived from an ingredient called DHA which comes from sugar beets! DHA also known as Dihydroxyacetone creates a biochemical reaction with the amino acids and protein found in your dead skin cell layer in the epidermis. This biochemical reaction is what makes you look tanned and flawless! Now having this knowledge it is important to understand that DHA does pick up on natural skin tones so the wrong base can make you look orange. 

“I want to provide an amazing service that allows clients from all ages, gender, ethnicity and race to get that summer glow all year round without causing skin damage or even worse skin cancer! Skin cancer is a real thing guys and there is 54 million new young adults diagnosed EVERY YEAR! We promote two things at Bronzed by Bloom: Stop animal cruelty and Practise safe tanning!” – Emily Bloom

For more information about colour blending or if you are a technician and would like to take a colour blending course with our company feel free to contact our technicians for support or questions 24/7 at [email protected]

We are here and happy to always help you happy tanning!



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