Choosing a Spray Tan Solution

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Choosing a Spray Tan Solution







Let’s talk about spray tans, I feel a lot of our customers and potential customers are left in the dark

about what to look for when deciding on a spray tan technician and solution. We just don’t have enough available information to make decisions on what to look

for in a solution and that leaves us vulnerable in deciding what to chose. Clients are constantly stuck playing the guessing game and sometimes that game leaves you looking like Ross from “Friends”!

Let me give you the nitty gritty about what to search for when deciding on a solution and what is the best option for your skin! There are 3 types of bases for spray tan solutions, those bases include:

  • Alcohol
  • Oil base
  • Water base


ALCOHOL BASED SOLUTIONS: tend to be less sticky, they do dry faster and they fade out nice and even. However these solutions long term are very drying on the skin. Alcohol dehydrates you, so naturally putting alcohol on your epidermis long term is going to cause it to dry out. However there are amazing products on the market that are cost affordable containing less alcohol that do offer amazing results!

OIL BASED SOLUTIONS: In my humble opinion these solutions should be taken off the market all together now. Oil based solutions are just so heavy on the skin, they leave your skin feeling greasy. They clog your pores leaving those little black dots all over your skin. They don’t tend to last as long and when they do fade out your left with high build up areas such as your chest area, ankles, wrists and your under boob. I also notice when ever testing out an oil based solution it is the only time I get that “crocodile” skin appearance. They have a very potent sent and the removal of build up is extremely difficult, I highly recommend straying away from oil based solutions.



Water based spray tan solutions are the cats meow when it comes to spray tanning. These solutions are hard to find and purchasing the solution is much more pricy hence why a lot of technicians don’t like to work with them because of the higher cost. However, if you want to provide your clients with the best quality products that are light on their skin and most importantly HYDRATING for their skin water based solutions are where it’s at. The purpose for spray tanning instead of UV tanning and sun bathing, is to take care of your skin. You have made the healthy choice to protect your skin and avoid it from aging and skin cancer so why not give your skin the very best that it deserves? Water based solutions leave your skin feeling natural, hydrated and most importantly healthy. They dry exponentially faster, I barely have to dry my clients after spraying them. They have no scent or smell and they last 7-10 days with a fade out that is flawless.

Here at Bronzed by Bloom we work with water based solutions because we believe in giving our customers the very best. We love being apart and helping you on your holistic journey of well being and keeping your skin looking youthful and beautiful for as long as you can. I hope this information can help provide some direction in when choosing your spray tan provider. Check out our service page for more information.



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